Music Survey: KBCA FM Los Angeles, CA “Suvey of Hits” June 6, 1968

24 Hours a Day 105 Mo. 
Survey Of Hits
June 6, 1968

This survey is based on requests received at KBCA, and on actual
sales at leading retail stores in Southern California!

1. A Portrait of- Ray Charles       ABC
2. Portrait of Carmen- Carmen McRae Atlantic
3. Electrifying- Eddie Harris       Atlantic
4. Hickory Holler- O.C. Smith       Columbia
5. Lighthouse '68- Jazz Crusaders   Pac. Jazz
6. Stick Up- Bobby Hutchinson       Blue Note
7. Black Jack- Donald Byrd          Blue Note
8. Valley of the Dolls- Dionne Warwick  Scepter
9. Mr. Shing A Ling- Lou Donaldson  Blue Note
10. Groovin'- Soulful Strings       Cadet
11. Stay Loose- Jimmy Smith         Verve
12. Spanky Brand New- Spanky Wilson  Mothers
13. Look Around- Sergio Mendez       A&M
14. Promise of the Future- Hugh Masekela  Uni
15. Nefertite- Miles Davis                Columbia
16. A Day in the Life- Wes Montgomery     Verve
17. Electric Bath- Don Ellis              Columbia
18. Swing Low Sweet Cadillac- Dizzy Gillespie Impulse
19. Best of Wes- Wes Montgomery               Verve
20. Down Here on the Ground- Wes Montgomery   A&M

The Dee Jays of Radio KBCA!
Tommy Bee           Paul Slaughter     Bob Gresham
Bill Hancock        Jim Herrin         Rick Holmes
Chuck Niles         Mike Powell        Jai Rich
           Jim Gosa            Stu Cronan

The World's First 24 Hour Jazz Station  105.1

NOTE: This is a text-only survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed sheet.

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