Music Survey: WZAK FM Cleveland, OH “Rhythm Roster” Week of December 8, 1997

Rhythm Roster
Here's your list of the Hottest Jams in Northeastern Ohio!
Lynn Tolliver, Jr.
(telephone numbers are listed)
Monday thru Friday
5-6 a.m.- Kym Sellers
6-10 a.m.- The Tom Joyner Show, featuring Lynn Tolliver 
                                        and Kym Sellers
10 a.m.- 3 p.m.-  Kim Johnson
3-8 p.m.- Lankford "The Man" Stephens
8-10 p.m. Pillow Talk! w/Bobby Rush
10 p.m.-1 a.m.- For Lovers Only! w/Bobby Rush
1-5 a.m.- The "B-Man"/Sir Charles

Week of December 8, 1997 No. 840
1. Sock It 2 Me- Missy Elliot
2. Tyrone- Erykah Badu
3. We're Not Making Love No More- Dru Hill
4. Butterfly- Mariah Carey
5. They Like It Slow- H-Town
6. All About You- Will Downing
7. Gettin Jiggy Wit It- Will Smith
8. A Song For Mama- Boyz II Men
9. Iggin' Me- Chico DeBarge
10. Been Around the World- Puff Daddy and the Family
11. Good Girls- Joe
12. Rapper's Delight
13. A Dream- Mary J. Blige
14. Together Again- Janet Jackson
15. Soak-N-Wet- The Rude Boys
16. How Could An Angel- Tony Braxton/Kenny G
17. Father- L.L. Cool J.
18. Hold On- Sounds of Blackness
19. I Won't Let You Do That- Luther Vandross
20. 5 Steps- Dru Hill
21. Silly- Taral
22. Dangerous- Busta Rhymes
23. Anytime- Brian McKnight
24. Guess Who's Back- Rakim
25. Up & Down- Billy Lawrence
26. Crazy Love- Rome
27. Never Wanna Let You Go- Absolute
28. Boys and Girls- Tony Toni Ton'e
29. Nice & Slow- Usher
30. Roxanne 97- Sting & the Police
31. That Girl- MJG
32. Only When UR Lonely- Genuine
33. Do You Love Me- Jonathan Butler
34. Lost Souls- 2Pac
35. In Due Time- Outkast
36. It's On Tonight- Sam Salter

Soundscan's value is coming. It's used to determine album 
sales' numerical rank. Your number many vary on this playlist. 
This variable has no reflection on the dropping of your record. 
A downward move does not put your record in jeopardy. Loss of 
a bullet in 1 or more of the trades determine the deletion of 
your record from the WZAK chart, or extremely poor sales/nostock.
Image may determine a drop from airplay or from the playlist. 
Chart positions are based on store reports, national chart activity,
local requests, demands from local record reps and the opinions 
of the music department. They do not reflect airplay, and records 
added do not always get immediate airplay. Airplay also consists
of the mix party, the rap shows, syndicated programming, the gospel
and blues sets.

NOTES: This is a text-only survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed sheet.

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