Music Survey: KRLA Los Angeles, CA “Tunedex Record Survey” Week of April 21-28, 1961

KRLA Tunedex Record Survey
For the week of April 21-28, 1961

TW    LW
 2     2 Mother-In-Law- Ernie K-Doe
 3     3 Blue Moon- The Marcels
 4    11 I've Told Every Little Star- Linda Scott
 5     4 A Hundred Pounds of Clay- Gene McDaniels
 6     8 Sparkle & Shine- Four Coquettes
 7     6 On the Rebound- Floyd Cramer
 8     7 Underwater- The Frogmen*
 9    21 Those Oldies But Goodies- Caesar & Romans
10    12 You Can Depend On Me- Brenda Lee
11    15 Tonight I Fell In Love- The Tokens
12    10 Portrait of My Love- Steve Lawrence
13    17 Shy Away- Jerry Fuller
14     9 Please Love Me Forever- Cathy Jean
15    26 Bonanza- Al Caiola
16     5 But I Do- Clarence "Frogman" Henry
17    34 Hello Mary Lou- Ricky Nelson
18    25 Take Good Care Of Her- Adam Wade
19    22 Asia Minor- Kokomo*
20    18 Watusi- The Vibrations
21    14 One Mint Julep- Ray Charles
22    23 Aftrican Waltz- Cannonball Adderly*
23    16 The Continental Walk- The Rollers
24    29 So Sick- Lucky Clark
25    28 Halfway to Paradise- Tony Orlando
26    30 Funny- Maxine Brown
27    32 I'm In the Mood For Love- The Chimes
28    35 Triangle- Janie Grant
29    57 Peanut Butter- The Marathons*
30    31 Breakin' In a Broken Heart- Connie Francis



1. Mama Said- The Shirelles
2. Running Scared- Roy Orbison
3. Son-In-Law- The Blossoms
4. Lil' Ole Me- Cornbread & Jerry
5. Girl Machine- Johnny Walsh

Pick to Click-- PRISCILLA- Kevin Young- T-Bird

NOTES: The mention of the Auckland, New Zealand radio station is a joke. It was in response to KRLA’s crosstown rival KFWB who had a habit of putting asterisks after certain songs and labeling them as “first heard on KFWB.”

This is a text-only music survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed sheet. Some formatting may have been done to allow survey to display properly on the blog.

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