Music Survey: KGLA Gretna, LA “Top Fifteen” December 3, 1971

                        KGLA 1540 - GRETNA, LOUISIANA
                                 TOP FIFTEEN  
                              DECEMBER 3, 1971       

           1. Hey Girl-I Knew You When - Donny Osmond                     
           2. All I Ever Need Is You - Sonny & Cher                  
           3. Have You Seen Her? - Chi-Lites                          
           4. Family Affair - Sly & Family Stone                  
           5. Cherish - David Cassidy                                    
           6. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson                           
           7. Old Fashion Love Song - Three Dog Night                     
           8. Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin                               
           9. Stones - Neil Diamond                                       
          10. Baby I'm...A Want You - Bread                              
          11. Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes                            
          12. Stagger Lee - Tommy Roe                                    
          13. American Pie - Don Mclean                                  
          14. Everybody's Everything - Santana                           
          15. Give Me Some Love - Happy Day                              

              Anticipation - Carly Simon        

             'K'-PIC HIT
              Day After Day - Badfinger 

             'K'-L.P. PIC
              Lay It All Out - Barry Mann                       

              Pictured DJ's:
              Joe Wolfe
              Warren Knight
              Charlie Young

NOTES: This is a text-only music survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed sheet. Some formatting and modifying may have been done to allow survey to display properly on the blog and improve searching ability.

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