Music Survey: WABC New York, NY “Weekly Survey” December 20, 1977

                              MusicRadio 77 WABC
                                Weekly Survey 
                              December 20, 1977         
      TW                                                             LW
       1. How Deep Is Your Love - The Bee Gees (RSO)     *1 week #1*  2
       2. You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone (Warner/Curb)            1
       3. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle (UA)       3
       4. Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)                        5
       5. Native New Yorker - Odyssey (RCA)                           4
       6. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) -               
                                                     Chic (Atlantic)  7
       7. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again - LTD (A&M)   9
       8. We're All Alone - Rita Coolidge (A&M)                       8
       9. Heaven On the 7th Floor - Paul Nicholas (RSO)               6
      10. We Are the Champions - Queen (Elektra)                     17
      11. Baby Come Back - Player (RSO)                              22
      12. Sentimental Lady - Bob Welch (Capitol)                     13
      13. It's So Easy - Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)                     16
      14. You Make Lovin' Fun - Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)      14
      16. Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton (RCA)                   28
      19. You're In My Heart - Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers)         36
      22. Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon (Columbia)                  46
      24. Come Sail Away - Styx (A&M)                                25
      26. Hey Deanie - Shaun Cassidy (Warner/Curb)                   --
          I Feel Love - Donna Summer (Casablanca)                      
          Brick House - The Commodores (Motown)                        
          That's Rock and Roll - Shaun Cassidy (Warner/Curb)           
          Baby What a Big Surprise - Chicago (Columbia)                
          It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me -                  
                                         Barry White (20th Century)   
          Help Is On Its Way - The Little River Band (Harvest)         
          Boogie Nights - Heatwave (Epic)                              
          Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon (Elektra)                
                            Album Cuts:                           
          Poor Poor Pitiful Me - Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)               
          Tumbling Dice - Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)                      
       2. Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)           
          I Don't Want to Know - Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)       
          Movin' Out - Billy Joel (Columbia)                           
          Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel (Columbia)                 
          Turn to Stone - Electric Light Orchestra (Jet)               
                        THE TOP TEN ALBUMS:                       
          Simple Dreams - Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)                      
          Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)                    
          The Stranger - Billy Joel (Columbia)                         
          News of the World - Queen (Elektra)                          
          Kiss Alive II - Kiss (Casablanca)                            
          Foot Loose and Fancy Free - Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers)    
          Born Late - Shaun Cassidy (Warner Brothers)                  
          Out of the Blue - Electric Light Orchestra (Jet)             
          I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight -                       
                                        Neil Diamond (Columbia)   
          Street Survivors - Lynyrd Skynyrd (MCA)                      

       SPECIAL NOTES:  The numbered positions given on the "Album Cuts" 
       section are the numbers used on the special in-house "Album Cut 
       Survey" sheet.

       Unless otherwise noted, songs without a number assigned to them 
       (excluding LPs) are in an in-house category labeled "New Library."

NOTES: This is a text-only music survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed sheet. Some formatting and modifying may have been done to allow survey to display properly on the blog and improve searching ability.

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