Music Survey: KFXM San Bernadino, CA “Big Top 40” Week of January 25-31, 1964

                                 Radio Fun 59
                              KFXM San Bernadino
                                 "Big Top 40"
                             January 25-31, 1964

      TW                                                             LW
       1. Beatles- I Want To Hold Your Hand/
                           She Was Standing                          18
       2. Hey Little Cobra- Rip Chords                               16
       3. You Don't Own Me- Lesley Gore                               6
       4. Anyone Who Had a Heart- Dionne Warwick                      1
       5. The Nitty Gritty- Shirley Ellis                             5
       6. You're No Good- Betty Everett                               7
       7. I Didn't Know What Time It Was-
                         Crampton Sisters                            20
       8. Um-Um-Um- Major Lance                                      23
       9. Dawn- Four Seasons                                         36
      10. Shelter of Your Arms- Sammy Davis Jr.                       4
      11. There I've Said It Again- Bobby Vinton                      9
      12. Slippin' and A Slidin'- Jim and Monica                     25
      13. Louie Louie- Paul Revere                                    8
      14. For You- Ric Nelson                                        10
      15. Leaving Him- Eddie Holland                                  *
      16. Harlem Shuffle- Bob and Earl                               14 
      17. As Usual- Brenda Lee                                       21
      18. I Wish You Love- Gloria Lynn                               32
      19. Scatter Shield- Surfaris                                   34   
      20. A Fool Never Learns- Andy Williams                         19
      21. What Kind of Fool-The Tams                                 28
      22. Abigail Beecher-Freddy Cannon                               *
      23. Need Tom Belong To Someone- Jerry Butler                   30
      24. He Walks Like A Man- Jody Miller                            *
      25. You'll Never Walk Alone- Patty LaBelle                      *
      26. Southtown U.S.A- Dixie Belles                              39
      27. He Says the Same Things To Me-
                          Skeeter Davis                               *
      28. Good News- Sam Cooke                                        *
      29. See The Funny Little Clown- Bobby Goldsboro                 *
      30. The Greasy Spoon- Hank Marr                                 *
      31. Out of Limits- Marketts                                    11
      32. It's All In the Game- Cliff Richards                        9 
      33. When the Lovelight Shines- Supremes                        16
      34. Letter From Sherry- Dale Ward                              23
      35. High On A Hill- Scott English                              33
      36. What's Easy For Two- Mary Wells                             *
      37. Shimmy Shimmy- Orlons                                       *
      38. 142 Glenwood Avenue- Pixies Three                           *
      39. Every Little Move You Make- Peggy March                     *
      40. I Wish I'd Stayed In Bed- Jiggles                           *

          KFX "M" Squad Personal Picks
          JIM CONNIFF  Live Wire- Martha and Vandellas
          BUZZ BAXTER The Gorilla- The Ideals
          DAVE FRANSEN Who's Going to Take Care of Me-
                                       Baby Washington
          JACK FLEMING  Glad All Over- The Dave Clark Five
          JERRY BROOKE Please, Please Me- The Beatles
          G. NORMAN CHASE  After the Dance- Dion

          Big Top Poppers
       1. Teach Me To Forget Yoy- Joni James
       2. Infinity- Sentinel Six
       3. Roberta- Barry and the Tamarlanes
       4. Ski Storm- Snowmen
       5. Competition Coupe- The Astronauts
       6. Sinner Not a Saint- Trini Lopez
       7. I Still Love You- Wayne Newton
       8. Bye Bye Barbara- Johny Mathis
       9. She Rides With Me- Paul Peterson
      10. Football Seasons Over- Shelly Fabres

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NOTES: This is a text-only music survey. The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly as they are shown on the printed survey. Any typos, spelling errors and/or other anomalies are as they appeared on the printed sheet. Some formatting and modifying may have been done to allow survey to display properly on the blog and improve searching ability.

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